Monday, July 27, 2009

My day so far (:

Hey everyone,
Okay so Its monday today... (I think ha) anyways, I woke up this morning not breathing to well because i have asthma ugh ): And i filmed a video but when i wet to upload the video to the computer i couldnt find the USB cord. I dont know what im going to do, i guesse ill just keep looking. Anyways i havent ate lunch yet but im kinda craving burger king, wich isnt good because im trying to lay off of the fast food. but i think ill just get a kids meal and then not eat fast food for a while (: . Or maybe ill get mcdonalds because they came out with Ty babies! (: haha, Oh and BTW I am loving the Lush 'Honey I washed the kids' soap!!! Its true love (:.. Today i might film a few more videos and then upload them once i find my USB cord. Oh and ive been o nthe hunt for cute summer skirts and dresses! (: so if you know where to get any let me know?.. Umm i think im gonna have someone stay the night tonight because im bored. But im also getting sick ): My nose is plugged and i cant breath plus im coughing alot. Well im beginging to just ramble on so i better go! Ill probably be updating on my Twitter alot 2day so ttyl!

God Bless


  1. H&M has lots of really cute dresses, skirts and those kind of stuff. I buy most of my summer dresses there:P

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  2. I really like DeLias, but they're kinda pricey.
    And Alloy, but they're strictly online.
    Also, Urban Outfitters, sometimes.
    I also agree with the other person, H&M.
    Also you can't go wrong with Forever 21 and Target!

  3. mmmm yummY T_T
    anyway You should write a blog about ur contest too^.^
    some pictures as wells.
    thank you

  4. Love your blog and Youtube Channel!

    Hope you follow my blog, That would be great

  5. awww!poor u.Ive got athsma too and my sis and my dad : (.It sucks.I think u shud get that burger and stay in bed watching tv!!!oh and hey,wana chk out my bog?

  6. Wow, your blog is amazing!! :)
    I always watch your videos on youtube!!
    I love them, but your blog is also great.
    Do you like to follow each other??

  7. Like to follow each other?


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