Saturday, July 4, 2009

Ins and Outs

Well alot of people have been doing thier INS and OUTS :) so i wanted to try it because it seems fun! (: well here they are.


Bare Minerals! - Everything from thier foundation to thier eyeshadows is amazing and so good for your face! :)
18 kids and counting- I love that show and thier morals!
Painting your own nails- I like keeping my nails healthy and just put polish on them.
Opi!- I love opi nail polish, thats all i put on my nails. Its kind of

expensive for $8 a bottle, but it comes out so nice!
Hair rollers- Whenever i want my hair curled i use hair rollers, so much better for your hair! (:
Lush- I love Lush sooo much! (My favorite thing is the rockstar soap! )

Heavy foundation- Be sure to check the ingredients in your foundation, you dont want something thats goona clog your pores and cause HUGE breakouts.. even if it gives you amazing coverage its not worth it.
Jon&Kate plus eight- I do NOT watch that show anymore, enough said haha.
Nail salons- Some nail salons are good but make sure they use clean tools..
cheap nail polish- The price is great!, But the payoff.. not to good.
Perms- I know alot of people who get perms, its so bad for your hair!
Bath&body works- Nothing at bath&body works can beat LUSH!


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