Monday, June 29, 2009

First Blog :)

Hey Guys! Okay so its me Macbarbie07, also known as Bethany.
I decided to make a blog so ill be on here as much as I can and talking about makeup, fashion or whatever I want! :) TTYL.


God Bless


  1. who made your banner on this and on your youtube? the one that says Confidence wear it like makeup? because i want one too.

  2. Bethany I seriously love you. I am almost 13, actually my birthday is on the 19 of next week. LOL. So I love you, can you please E-mail me at and yes my name is Emily. <3 You

  3. Bethany!! i love you sooooo much!! my english is bad, coz im portuguese, but i see all your videos, subscribed, did all the possible things to watch you. plz email me! ;) love you xoxo!

  4. Hey Beth. your so great. Sorry for my english. I´m from Germany. I´m 13 and i love ur Videos cause your so funny and so pretty. I love your bloopies (typical beth :D).love you ! (if you´re bored, you can visit our blog but it´s in german... sorry)xoxo Hannah

  5. Bethany u r awesome I'm from Washington US u r my role model and I just sent u somethin' in the mail ttyl

  6. Hi Beth! I'm absolutely OBSESSED with ur vids. I wonder how long it's been since u were on your blog but haha I hope u see this. Congrats on everything and I'm so happy for you. ILY!!!